Oct 19, 2012

Friday Funnies

Random humorisms collect from around the internettubes for your enjoyment!

I never got any of the good shit either.

Careful of splinters!

Extremely high stakes.

She could make a dead man...?

It's important to start with the best details.

I seriously want to know where this is and go ride it!

I have had this a long time, and it always makes me smile.

Your a dead man if you look kid.

he he he

I survive on spite, so this is totally accurate.

Just remember, your job could always be worse...

Oct 8, 2012

Bring it on Monday!

Because we have the deliciously twisted humor to fend you off.  Feel free to peruse the seamy, soft underbelly of the internettubes.

I need to work "Cockjuggling Thundercunt" into my vocabulary somehow.

Oct 2, 2012

Bad Tat Tuesday

Because I haven't got anything else, and I do have good friends who feed me these!  You all are too kind, thank you.

Interesting that these were sent by folks who didn't want to be identified because they noticed I was getting a few too many hits on the blog with this series! 

Just your typical poorly done cat riding on a pizza skateboard.  This has been overdone...

Is that a rainbow tongue?  Or is mr bear chucking up a rainbow?  Either way, it disturbs me.

I actually like this one!

I am all for family, but that thing is huge!

I think this one was done by the Spanish lady who "fixed" the 100 year old work of art in their church.

Last and certainly not the least, the lone person to step up and use her wonderful name Vegetable Assassin, sent me these two.  Thanks Veggie!!

This looks too amazing to be real, but if it is, that is incredible work!
The next one from Veggie is a video, and I suppose even if you know better than to look at anything I post at work, you really shouldn't watch this in your cube.  Or if you are easily skeeved out...