Aug 31, 2009

It's back to school time!

Sorry these two clips start automatically, scroll to the second one and pause it while you watch the first.

Maybe you don't have the best grades, or you aren't getting those recommendations you were looking for. Don't worry, there is always Quendelton State University!

Thinking about transferring out of Quendelton State University? Think again...

Aug 29, 2009

Great moments in parenting

Once again we take an opportunity to clean out the filing cabinets and desk drawers of the international office of Some Days It's Not Worth Chewing Through The Leather Straps in order to free up some disk space, brain matter, and cheap posting material.

Let's begin with the tame stuff first.

You just can't start traumatizing the little ones too early in life I always say.

What to do about early trauma? Booze always help!

Safety is always job one when raising kids.

Keep them a nice safe distance from a crime scene at all times. 20 feet is a good number.

Car seats are a must!

Always use a certified safe stroller also.
Updated: Since the picture doesn't blow up well on Blogger, the stroller is loaded up with packages, and the kid is hanging down under in the netting/storage area!

Early education about firearms is a good idea, these 3 little ladies will have a nice welcome for Mr burglar when he comes tip toeing in their window. That is if they find anything bigger than you can pick up with a sponge.

Teach the kids about keeping the kitchen area clean. That goes for possible sites where salmonella might grow, like your slide...

How about toy selection? Do you think that any of these might present a problem down the road for kids?

Cant have enough bloody torso toys.

Narwhal is back and this time he is pissed!

Never to early to teach that young lady there are big bucks to be made on the pole.

So wrong on so many levels.

Being raised all Catholicky and shit, I must have missed that day in Catechism where we learned that God packed an AK-47

It's important to always choose the right pet for the little tykes also, here are some you might want to avoid.

Jimmy, time to go clean up the yard again!

If kept well fed, most constrictors will not eat your baby for a whole month!

But they usually don't react well to being eaten themselves. "Drop him Mr Cuddles! I said Drop him!"

Looky what just crawled up in the yard Earl, let's put the baby on him and see if he can ride 'em for 6 seconds!

But nothing says "great parent" like some good old nakedness and porn!

Seriously? I mean really!?

But for the whole skeeve effect, you have to combine a tub, pink firearm, and an unidentified animal! WTF???

Always keep the lines of communication open between parent and child.

Lots of classy people out there, wouldn't you say? Some of these folks are stupid, others should be forced to be sterilized! I mean, why are we paying taxes anyway?

Aug 27, 2009

Handicapped Assessable

Handicapped Assessable. What does it mean to you? We have seen some pretty poor modifications in our time of pushing Skyler around, but absolutely nothing that compares to this series of pictures from overseas.

I will never complain again! (well, yes I will, but only when I really need to...)

I sense a recurring theme with my posts

I just love Sarah Haskins, she is funny as hell!

Aug 25, 2009

Energy Douche

OK, it was either eulogize Ted, or get back to the funny videos. I know the rest of you will pick up my slack, so to the videos we go!

Tales from the Pacific Northwest part 3

So where was I when I decided to go all ADD and post the dogs at the pool stuff? Oh yeah, the last part of the vacation pics.

We went to have lunch with Kathy's next oldest sister and younger brother who both work at Microsoft. Let me just say that this is the most amazing campus I have ever been on! It is crazy what all they provide for their employees, a company store, food court, and all of it inside this indoor/outdoor mall.

That's right - mall.

You just wouldn't think you were at a place where people work there is so much going on...

Pretty wild, isn't it? I think they figured out that they want to keep their employees at work on the campus instead of them leaving for errands and shopping and stuff.

Then we spent an afternoon up north of the Seattle area visiting Kathy's oldest sister and her family at Camano Island. They have a beautiful place right off of the Puget sound, and we always enjoy going there. Sometimes we go out on the water and drop the crab pots and then cook on the beach. You haven't lived until you have eaten crab that is that fresh!

The best part for Skyler is getting to see his favorite cousin, Kirsten. He just loves her.

I think I have bored you all enough with the tales from our trip, so tune in tomorrow when we go back to your regularly scheduled weirdness!