Jun 26, 2012

Bad Tat Tuesday!

Hey boys and girls!  I have had some nice tats come my way so I thought it was about time to share.  Break out the eye bleach, keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times.

And remember, no wagering!

First up from my friend Cindy:

This is actually very nice work!  I just don't know who wants to go through the rest of their life with this.

Next up, from my buddy Scotland comes a girl who will never, ever, get a job:

This one was a submission from Awkward Family Photos.  I don't think it is actually a tat, but maybe a temp drawing.  Because once that baby is squeezed out, then what are you left with?

This one was from giant robot, and satisfies this weeks need for geek.  I present to you the Flux Capacitor!

And last but not least, a dick sucker.  Not just any dick sucker, but the #1 dick sucka!

Jun 21, 2012

Nice Digs...

last night we loaded up the family and headed down to see Kathy's relay race team.  They were having a meeting to discuss their next relay race coming up, who gets what legs, where they will meet, general logistics stuff.  Except that they were meeting at the house that Laurie and Jody just moved into after getting married (congrats to them!) and selling their respective places.

Nobody could get anything decided on, and I think it was because they all met outside and were stunned by the view:

Those posts out there mark the boundary of the open space area at Ken Caryl ranch, so nobody will ever be able to build behind them.

Pretty darn nice place, they are very fortunate! 

Jun 13, 2012

Another edition of random collections from the internet!

Just trying to keep things funny, since all around me life seems to be intent on kicking me in the balls.

Jun 7, 2012

We all need a friend, just not this one.

A knight went off to fight in the Holy Crusades but before leaving he made his wife wear a chastity belt.

After tightly securing it to her, he handed the key to his best friend with the instruction:

"If I do not return within seven years, unlock my wife and set her free to lead a normal life."

The knight then rode off on the first leg of his journey to the Holy Land,

He had only traveled barely an hour when he was suddenly aware of the sound of pounding hooves behind him.

He turned to see that it was his best friend.

"what is the problem?" asked the knight.

His best friend replied:

"You gave me the wrong key."

Jun 4, 2012

Bad Tat Tuesday!

Boy have I ever been neglecting this little corner of the web.  It seems like life is conspiring to suck what little time I have left away from me, and replace it with large piles of suck.

But I can always count on some of my friends out there to send in some wonderfully poor ink to help make the day go by!

Disclaimer:  My laptop died a horrible death, and when I restored backups, it appears that some older material came back.  So if any of these are repeats, well, you just have to deal with a re-bleaching of the eyeballs...

Witness the following exhibits:

Any girl would love to try you talents, right?

Not too bad of work, but scares me!

Not to scale.

I am pretty sure I posted this already, but I just love it!

From our favorite vegetable hater, the tat that is guaranteed to get you a great boyfriend in prison.

From my friend Jennifer, you have to wonder what she wore to the interview...
For the love of god, I can't help but feel bad for the tat artist on this one!

Stay classy bro.
This last one is like an Apéritif, to cleanse the pallet after that terrible mess. Work so nice it fooled the butterfly!