Aug 30, 2011

What's that you say? More craptastic posts?

I know that everyone is busy and that you fine readers all hear the tales of "Too busy to blog", "My house was washed out to sea", "The dog ate my wireless access point and now I have to keep my laptop with 6 inches of his ass"...  You know, all those typical lame excuses for not blogging on a regular basis.

Well my excuse is the best, because it is work related.  The man has been keeping my nose to the grindstone lately, and after a 13% reduction in the staff here at Networks R Us, I have never been so damn happy in my life to have too much work to do.

But all work and no play makes Sky-Dad a dull whatever the hell he is, so along the way I collect odds and ends that are sure to tickle your funny bone, or wherever that ticklish place is on your body.  It's all a mishmash of random thoughts, scary and twisted, much like me.  So strap in tight and keep those arms and legs inside the ride at all times.

Let's start with the weirdest short video I have come across in some time:

Now what the hell was that all about?

Moving on to more demotivators, cause I just can't get enough of these bad boys:

Yeah, I've had that problem quite a few times...

Some day I want to be in the credits as special guest appearance.

I've never had a regret that big.

Sent this one right over to Gwen!

This one was for the Captain.

 And some more random stuff for you!

That's it for now, enjoy yourselves folks!

Aug 22, 2011

Bad Tat Tuesday!

It's that time again, when we all sit and stare at the ink and wonder why, why, why?

Please tell me this isn't somebodies fantasy of Palin...

They get a few bonus points just for having a Futurama theme.

R2D2...Forever young?  What am I missing here?

That's nice and pervy, wear it with pride!

Superhero collection like no other, wow... just wow...

And the best for last.  Goofy dragon that looks like it might be playing with itself, on a canvas that is pretty bad also.

Aug 17, 2011

Portia says she is sorry

I saw that yesterday was Ellen and Portia's wedding anniversary.  So it only seems fitting that one of them should have to apologize...

Aug 13, 2011

Two Bags

For those of you who also know me over on Facebook, you are already aware that we lost our beloved Chocolate lab, Montana, to cancer on Friday.  She was pretty old, 12 or 13 as near as we know, and had arthritis really bad.  So we took her in to have her liver checked with an ultrasound to make sure the pain meds were not causing liver problems.

We knew there was a problem when the lab tech said let me go get the doctor to come talk to you.  Anyway, there were tumors all over her liver, in her lungs, and in her pancreas.

So, we brought her home and spent the next couple of weeks spoiling her horribly.  She went downhill very fast, losing 15 pounds in that short time.  When she was having trouble getting up and breathing hard, it was time for that final trip to the vet.

Here are the pictures I shared on Facebook:

You came to us late in your life, a well behaved lady.

With a love for tennis balls.

And a love for water and eating grass.

You took your job as Skylers buddy seriously.

You loved to help.

You didn't complain (much) when we made fun of your lack of swimming ability!

You were always ready to go for a ride to the dog park.

Towards the end it was too hard to sit up though...

We were happy to spoil you rotten.

You were a good couch-mate.

Your favorite exercise was mommy doing situps.

Goodbye my friend, I loved you a lot.

Honestly, I held it together pretty well throughout this whole time.  I knew we gave her a good life, and that it was time for her to go.  It was just the right decision, so I was good with it.

Then this morning, at the dog park, Yordi ran up to another Chocolate lab wagging his tale, then turned and walked away when he saw it wasn't her.

That chipped at the armor a bit.

Then he pooped and I went to pick it up, I reached into my pocket and pulled out two bags.  I realized I didn't need two bags anymore, and that was what pushed me over the edge.  I knelt there petting Yordi and crying with my stupid poop bags in hand.

Something as silly as two bags in hand finally caved me in.

Aug 11, 2011

Instructional Moments

Sometimes they come to us in a message over the phone, or an email, or we just stumble across them. Other times we hang onto them and pass them on to our friends.

In any case, they are always good blog material...

Aug 9, 2011

Bad Tat Tuesday!

I figured as long as I keep finding them, you get to keep looking at them! More submissions from some of my bloggy friends out there, thank to you all.

From The Real Johnson, remember kids, spelling counts!

The Sci-Fi geek in me likes this, but come on. AT-AT's with roses?

The submitter wanted to remain anonymous, but this is pyre brilliance!

From a local sports show celeb! Hey, I am one degree from somewhat famous!!
I don't care how much he is revered around Colorado, there is no need for a complete leg tat of Elway.

This wasn't submitted, Ellen doesn't have time for crap like this. But she ran a picture of a fan who got a Dori tat because she loves Ellen. Kinda cute actually.