Nov 26, 2006

Sorry I've been a little out of touch

Hi everyone, getting set up for my new job and going through all of the work of orientation, setting up a home office, and generally trying to learn how to learn again is taking it's toll. I didn't realize how much spare time I had until I lost it, know what I mean?

One of my recent indulgences has been to read the stories from Iraq and Afghanistan that are posted in The Sandbox. G.B. Trudeau, the writer of Doonsbury has put up a milblog for the folks serving over there to say whatever they want. The stories are fascinating, and you get all angles. From the gung-ho to the support personnel and the front lines just trying to come home with all of their appendages. It's worth a read if you want the real poop from the front...


  1. Dave & Sue's son Andy is currently in Iraq. His second tour. He has a teaching and admin job this time, so he is as "safe" as possible in that area. A new wife at home and a Mom that gets real antsy when you talk about this all. Imagine how it was for our parents and grandparents in WWII. They didn't have a clue where their loved one was or even if they were still alive. Atleast Andy can call home every few days to reassure us all over here. We hope all our people get home safe and soon.

  2. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Yep, transitions are work. Hope it is going well.