Dec 22, 2006

Here's the answer GKL..

GETkristiLOVE points out many of the great points of a big snowstorm in her blog.
In response to her question of when was the last time you had to shovel your deck, the answer would be when the snow depth exceeds the height of your dogs ability to poop.

It's at that point you go out and start clearing "zones" for your poochies to do their duty!


  1. Funny, the word "zones" still sends shivers down my spine. ;)

    Glad you are keeping Hootie and Jordi in check there.

  2. toemain3:52 PM

    I was already creating 'zones' by noon Wednesday for my ankle biters.

  3. As you might know, Our Apache is coping with Cancer so he needs some special "areas" for his business. I really don't appreciate this area to be 2 inches from the door. YUCK!! In his roll as assistant helper our Lab, Jake, volunteered to create a path for Apache to navigate. And they say dogs don't know what's up. Wrong.. Merry christmas to you all