Feb 7, 2011

Bad Tat Tuesday

Well here we area again troopers, donning our scout packs, hats, and getting our trusty compass out to help navigate our way through the bad ink forest.

Please don't feed the wild animals, and away we go...

Can anybody out there tell me what the hell this hot mess stands for?

Now if the tats had microswitches grafted in underneath the skin, that would be something!

Frequent contributor Lilly sends in this trifecta of WTF...

Johnny Cash has been seen here before, but this deserves another showing.

House-Eye-Gear... It's like the game of clue, Colonel Mustard was killed in the house by ramming a sprocket into his eye!

Lot's of layers to peel back in this future son-in-law!

And from my buddy Dave, a pair of waskly wabbits. Is that how you spell waskly?

Leslie sent me an idea for next week, be sure to tune in for bad tats of the stars!  I am hoping to make this into a reality series...


  1. Oh, I think the guy in picture number four (reading from the top down)doesn't need to worry about getting peeled back by the father-in-law. He looks very much like a man who will die alone. Eeesh.

  2. All the shit on the guy's face in pic 4 can't erase the fact that he's Urkel-lite.

  3. 1st photo; so I guess if he couldn't afford a Louis Vuitton bag he got a Louis Vuitton sleeve?!?!
    (bet the other arm is Gucci)

  4. Since it's such blatant copyright infringement I wonder if Louis Vuitton can force idiot #1 to surrender his arm to them.

  5. I was thinking Yves Saint Laurent for #1 but I see by your more informed guests that it's Louis V.

    If #5 delivers pizza to my door he gets NO TIP!

  6. That dude seriously doesn't look like the Louis Vuitton type...

  7. I guess LRD (Lip Ring Dude) hadn't heard of Jenny Craig before he came up with that brilliant idea.

  8. There's no way that pierced dude can get through the metal detectors at the airport. No. Way.

  9. Dude #4 has 2 and only 2 job openings.

    Greeter at Freaky's. "Welcome to Freaky's Dude Thanks for stoppen by.

    Or a guest spot on the 700 Club.

    Now Mr. piercing dude, when did the devil overtake you? Do you think you can be sav-ed?

  10. Yeah. I don't get pierced face guy. Do you think he's trying to repel people on purpose?

  11. Listen, I love me some Louis Vuitton as much as the next girl...fine, french purveyors of luggage goods, their logo is synonomous with luxury....but a tatoo sleeve??? That guy's a tool.

    And the dude with the nose rings and tats all over his face?? What?

    I'm done now.

  12. I've seen that Johnny Cash shot before. Love it, but don't know if I'd want it tatooed on myself...

  13. The X, Y, A and B buttons the same layout as the buttons on the Xbox 360 controller.