May 11, 2011

For Those Of You Too Young To Remember The 60's

For all of you who remember being there....
and for those of you who are too young and weren't there -
but sometimes wish you had been...

Remember the words from the song...

"Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing"

Have you ever wondered what happened to all those really cute and crazy, good looking, barefoot, young hippie chicks?

who didn't wear bra's did drugs, smoked weed, got tattooed?

and shagged every guy they met during that great Age of Aquarius back in the 60's?

Well, wonder no more!

Kinda gets you tingly all over, doesn't it?


  1. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Oh hell, damn, guy, what were you thinking? My eyes!!!! To think, someone probably calls her "grandma."

  2. Oh, my..... a wee bit scary, eh?

  3. You are evil and you must be destroyed.

  4. Yikes! Is she from Oregon? Their county fairs are a little, uhh, well, let's just say "out there".

  5. Of all that is holy....make it go away.

  6. She's still beautiful in my opinion - bravery and all!
    I was a kid in the 60's and I really dug my leather peace-sign hair holder.

  7. I'm sooooooooo glad I was little kid in the 60's. lol!

  8. "Just more of me to tattoo baby!"

  9. Great. Thanks, man. I wasn't born until 75 but I guess I still needed that?? :)

  10. I say, good for her! That's pretty damn ballsy of her.

  11. Wrong. Just wrong.