Sep 27, 2011

Bad Tat Tuesday!

Lots of wonderful friends out there who are sending in things that they find out on those internettubes, so here is to all of you out there.  Keep 'em coming!

From Cindy, a very nice usage of the belly button.

From Shelleigh, this man is trying to get everything he loves all into one tat.  try again...

From Mjenks, just a whole lot to love about this piece of... whatever this is.  Ideas?
This whole series from the CHIVE was sent to me by none other than one of our favorite bloggers, The Veggie Assassin!

Mmmm, sweet sweet sundae.

He needs to add some felt to the antlers.

They're all cute and cuddly until someone looses a finger!

Perfect for those formal occasions.

So clever.  Wouldn't your arm get tired?

Everything is better with bacon!  Even bad tats.

Rawr indeed!  Hat tip to the ladies canvas!

One question.  Where is this tat located?

That is just disturbing.

Good work actually!

That is a whole lot of work on the back.

Great artwork, but gross!

Muppet fan.

Now this one I saved without a name who sent it to me, I apologize for that.  But my fuzzy memory thinks it was Raine, in any case, thanks so much for thinking of me.  I guess I was lost like Waldo.


  1. Ok the first one is just ICK! I wonder if I can find Waldo? All in between....qualify ever so for Bad Tat Tuesday!

  2. *snaps fingers*

    That reminds me. While we took Fernando out and about over the weekend I got a tat pic for you. It's nothing jaw-dropping like these, but it's still stupid enough to fit into Bad Tat Tuesday somewhere, probably.

  3. There is no end to the horrors people put on their bodies in the name of art. Seriously, WTF? The cat one is awesome though. If you like a cat's ass on your torso. :)

  4. Sweet lord, it's no wonder all tats make me want to vomit.

  5. well the 3rd tat is obviously the infamous olive bellied smoking chicken demon....thought everybody knew that one!

  6. The cat tat is great art work but that belly button is just NASTY!

  7. The one about being "this tall to ride" should be immediately arrested for pedophilia.

    And The Smoking Chicken Devil! Haven't seen him for years!

  8. Wow. You really class up the joint with all those super sweet tattoos.

  9. I liked the 'on/off' brain switch.... except it still looked verrrry painful... but I have days where I think I need something like that. (a real one, not a tat).

  10. I found Waldo!

    (But lost my lunch on that first one.)

  11. I love the skinny nerdy dude with the stag tat waiting to get his bag of clothes back from the county lock up office.

  12. Anonymous1:38 AM

    Um. The first one. Um. Oh dear... nothin' sexier than a cats ass. Kill me. DO IT NOW.