Nov 20, 2012

Bad Tat Tuesday - The Thankful Edition

Be thankful you don't have any of these...

As usual, my friends rock and have sent me some fine examples for this week.

First up, Lynette from Crazed Mind sent these to me. Good work but strange subject matter!

My friend and regular contributor, Cindy, shared these with me. 

Nice work, but holy crap...

There is no hope for this guy.

Amazing color, kind of busy.

Found him!
These last two are from Facebook, the first is a guy that showed up at a book store to have his copy of the Oatmeal book signed. If you don't read the Oatmeal, you won't get it.  But why aren't you reading the Oatmeal?


  1. LOVE the bird (1st pic) and Waldo. But fart girl is too pretty (what you can see of her) to have butterflies coming out of her butt.

    1. I would have to perform a much more close and thorough examination of her fine ass to form an opinion.

  2. Who the hell tattoos "DUDE" in the forhead? Probably the same kind of guy that robs a store, but has no ski-mask so he and the companion comes up with the brilliant idea of coloring the faces black. With PERMANENT MARKERS. Dude, you're so doing it wrong...

  3. I do kind of like the Waldo one