Apr 23, 2013

The final Bad Tat Tuesday!

Loyal readers, I think this whole theme has just about run its course now. 

(several of you mumble something about this whole blog has run its course, and I agree)

So today I will clean out the bad tat folder and that will be that.  For the record, as I have told several people I am not anti-tat, I actually really think that most are very cool.  It is just the bad work or the weird themed ones that I find peculiar.

And without further ado, here we go...

Wow, bad work and the kinda 3-D look?

You only jizz 5 times?

That is actually pretty cool!

That is actually not cool.  That is horrific.

Nice use of the belly button.

One word - Unemployable.

These *are* the droids I am looking for!

Amazing work, but scary.

Worst ever.

This is way cool!

Another scary and WTF one.

I am as big a Trek fan as there is, but no way.

Even burly guys can appreciate a tramp stamp...


  1. The burly guy with the butterfly tramp stamp was quite unexpected.

    1. He needed a thong to complete the surprise!

  2. weep my tuesday fun is gone now. well heck that is what archives is made for. right?

  3. People never seize to amaze me.

  4. Ha ha! I dunno, but somehow the butterfly tramp stamp dude just seems like the proper way to end the era. Very nice indeed. *slow clap*

    1. Thanks Cora, and thanks for continuing to check in here.

  5. I love Bad Tat Tuesday!!! what will we do now? Oh hell, must all good things come to an end???

  6. I will miss these... :) If you change your mind, I'll be here viewing!