Oct 4, 2006

And after that, he went home dateless once again

From AP via Comcast news:
Man recites PI to 100,000 places.

TOKYO - A Japanese mental health counselor recited pi to 100,000 decimal places from memory on Wednesday, setting what he claims to be a new world record.

Akira Haraguchi, 60, needed more than 16 hours to recite the number to 100,000 decimal places, breaking his personal best of 83,431 digits set in 1995, his office said Wednesday. He made the attempt at a public hall in Kisarazu, just east of Tokyo.

"What I am aiming at is not just memorizing figures, I am thrilled by seeking a story in pi," Haraguchi said.

Wow! Party on

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  1. ...and Captain James T. Kirk's serial number is: SC-937-0176-CEC

    You think I have date potential with that guy?