Oct 23, 2006

What was second place? "Come watch us mold?"

Associated Press reports that Seattle has unveiled it's new tourism slogan, and as the photo shows plastered it all over the Space Needle. WTF???

Pike Place Market vendor Kenny Telesco was willing to give it a chance. He practiced saying it with "jazz hands" and asked tourists to "SayWA" as they posed for photos.
"How do you use that in a sentence?" Telesco asked. "'Welcome to Metronatural.' ... It's an airport where you can buy organic bananas."

Seattles Convention and Visitors Bureau spent 200 grand over 16 months coming up with this beauty, boy is that money well spent...


  1. Second Runner up: "No sunscreen needed...Ever"

    First runner up: Cafeine..it keeps us sane.

    And your winner and still Champeen:
    NO NO It's the State, not the District