Jan 28, 2008

I bet you almost missed this exciting event!

Lego Bricks turned 50 years old today!!

Gizmodo put together a timeline showing how they went from simple building blocks to sophisticated robotics.

And the really big tribute today? Getting Google to do their logo in Legos...


  1. T Gretta's Mom6:28 PM

    A Lego logo! Cool! I used to love to play with the Legos that I ostensibly bought for my kids. The only problem was trying to locate all of the itsy bitsy pieces - sometimes painfully finding them as I walked around the house in my stocking feet.
    50 years! Wow! Now I Really feel old!

  2. Anonymous8:19 PM

    I was wondering what the Google - Lego link was. What would I do without you?

  3. Aha-- I wondered why Google had their logo in Legos!

    My brothers and I loved Legos! Adam inherited that love. Last year he made an incredible detailed Empire State Building in Legos!

  4. God bless Legos. By far my favorite toy as a kid.

  5. TG Mom: I used to love to play with them, I had them back in the days before motors and such. We had to use our darn imaginations!

    Suze: I live to serve, my only regret is there is just one of me.

    JY: Wow, that kid of yours is a rock star!

    Chris: I think it was one of my favs also!

  6. My fave toy too..
    LONG LIVE LEGOS!!!!!!!!!

  7. I once read that when Google was an early startup, they built hard drive enclosures out of Lego blocks.

  8. I built a whole lot of crappy, unroofed houses with those things. Taught me early on that I sucked at architecture.

  9. they must've PAID google for that-- them googly-peoples don't do up a new bug for just ANYONE.

  10. I love the Google art, but you know that already!