Jun 10, 2009

Envelope Generator

What do you get when you combine 3 guys, 6 keyboards, and a boatload of expensive Synthesizer equipment?

You get the group called Envelope Generator performing 15 hits of the 80's!!


  1. I never realized so much of the music of the 80's was synthesized. Where was I? Oh, that's right, I was singing lullabies to my kids who were toddlers during those years.

  2. Somehow I doubt that any of these three dudes were even born when this stuff was on the radio, but you have to admire their keyboarding skills. When was the last time you saw a "keytar" used other than in a joke?

    Thanks for putting this up. I giggled all the way through.


  3. Very impressive! Thanks for reminding me why I never listened to the radio in the 80's. ; )

    And congrats on your Fire Crotch of the Month award!

  4. The Veggie Assassin is right, we're all 80's this week! Too funny!

  5. Oh, and here's a big congratulations on your Fire Crotch, Sky Dad!

    (If that's ever taken out of context....)

  6. there was music in the 80s?