Nov 22, 2009

Monday Morning Madness

Back to work after a great weekend, and I have too many things to post that have been sent my way. So instead of any sort of theme, how about "I'll take potpourri for 500 Alex"?

I hope some of these get you off to work with a smile on your face:

I just love this!

Mom must certainly be proud.

I always knew cows would someday rise to take over the world!

The first cleaning is always a good time for a family photo op.

It's time for your cleansing Mr Smith.

Yep. Kind of...

Answers the age old question.

Must be some damn good gum.

He he he.

I guess if you run out of gum.

Well, it is a pretty damn good stick!

Teaching little girls that they too can grow up to be hotel maids!

Yeah, everybody uses Facebook!!


  1. Bushbaby stick love! LOL!

  2. Ok not to share too much.....but of course I am....
    Here I sit, viewing your blog when I hear these grunts and groans coming from the bedroom/ is it these photos can effect my Dear Hubby a room away.

    DANG your powerful.

  3. i bet that gum doesnt sell too well

  4. I can't decide if I like the gum or the piss one better.

    Life has so many tough decisions.

  5. I'll never eat beef again, possessed cows! Never! I swear!

  6. The Morgan Freeman one, hands down.

  7. These are all good. Where on earth do you find this shit?

  8. Are the couple in that prom pic 'little people'?

    In any case, she's a little too chunky to pull that dress off. He probably did it (pulled it off) for her later that night.

  9. The family photo-op at the dentist is one of the more disturbing things I've seen in a while. I'd hate to see what a family like that does for fun. "Ok, everybody gather around Grandma while she takes a dump! Say cheese!"

  10. That bushbaby needs some of that gum!

  11. I like the half-empty half full, HAHAHA!

  12. Her mom isn't nearly as proud as his dad. ;)

    Great ones!

  13. I'd love to see your BOOKMARK page in your web browser... :)