Sep 23, 2010

The Pikes Peak Hillclimb

From the Website Porshe Panorama, this is an amazing video.  The Pikes Peak hillclimb has been run since 1901 when two guys decided to race their old jalopies up the mountain.  Back in those days, it required multiple stops to make carb adjustments just to get to the top due to the change in air pressure!  Check out this video of the record run this year by a two wheel drive vehicle. Jeff drives on the hairy edge of disaster, power sliding through the dirt turns, loosing wheel grip on several occasions, and making a general butt puckering run up the mountain.  I know it's 12 minutes, which is long, but stay with it through some of the transitions between pavement and dirt to see his driving style change.

From the website:
Jeff Zwart and his 911 GT3 Cup Car rocketed to victory in the Time Attack 2WD class at Pike's Peak on June 23, 2010, shattering the record by 38 seconds. Jeff finished sixth overall, ahead of every production-based car entered. Here's an in-the-cockpit view of his record setting run from Will Roegge.

Pikes Peak 2010 - Jeff Zwart In Car from Will Roegge on Vimeo.


  1. That's one scary-@$$ ride! And I certainly wouldn't be standing on the side of the road! lol!

    When I was 21, fav bro and I drove to CO. Fav bro, CO bro and I went up to Pikes Peak one day. Fav bro was running around like a madman, taking pictures. Pretty soon, he comes over to us and says, "I don't feel so well." CO bro said, "That's because you're an idiot. Do you know what the elevation IS up here?"

  2. not for this ol lady....i think i would ....well you know in my pants

  3. That's a wild ride. I have driven that road at the speed limit and still had a pucker factor.

  4. I didnt know so much was unpaved.

    Ill stick with the train. :)