Mar 24, 2011

A Question of Worth

Hi everyone, I am breaking out of my self-imposed silence with something of worth.

If you have ever wanted to catch just a glimpse of what Kathy and I have been beating our heads against for the last 10 years or so, go over to this link and watch the trailer for the movie.

I wish I could embed, but there isn't an option, so please click over and look.


  1. Wow...just that little bit was powerful. You're good people, that's all I can say.

  2. Are we still fighting this battle? That people with disabilities are indeed "there" and want the same things from life as any "normal" person? Do you still hear that from people, and how do you not assault them?

    My daughter's schools have always included the kids with disabilities. Now all the students don't even blink at seizures, vocalizations, etc. The recognize the inherent humanity in ALL their classmates.

    A salute to you my friend.

  3. When I was about to enter school, the 'powers that be' automatically wanted to put me in a "special" one. My parents fought to get me into the same public school(s) my sibs attended. But I had that monkey on my back til I proved I could do it.

  4. Cleveland has a film festival going at the moment, I'm going to see if this is playing. If not I'll eventually get it on Netflix, it looks like a very powerful movie!

  5. Like I've said before, when my daughter and I met Skyler it was definitely clear to both of us that he knew exactly what was going on and he knew exactly how he felt about it. He wasted no time at all letting us know he thought our bloggy talk with you was boring, remember? He's a normal teenager inside and it makes me sad to know that some people can't see beyond the outer shell to realize that.

    It must be very frustrating for Skyler to pretty much be a prisoner in a body that won't do what others can. And I'm sure it's twice as frustrating for those who know and love Skyler to have to deal with people who refuse to look beyond Skyler's outer shell.

    It took Gwen and I about two minutes with Skyler to recognize what is inside him. Any teacher who fails to see what only took us two minutes to see isn't a decent teacher at all if you ask me!

  6. I understand the constant fight it is to have Skyler not be pushed away by society (so to speak). But I also see the constant exhaustion it creates too.

    You do not know how I pray for strength for Kathy and you. Strength for Skyler to succeed every day. Strength for others to look into his eyes and find the love that is there.

  7. Good to see you (sort of) back here. It's okay to be drained and fed up.

    All kinds of tests exist that show definitively what a person does and does not understand. Why is it assumed that the level of understanding doesn't exist just because the ability to express that understanding doesn't? Two completely separate cognitive abilities, and in a word where autism is so prevalent, I'm surprised people don't just know that.

  8. Looks like a powerful and harrowing documentary. I can't imagine the strain and strength required.

  9. You had to make me cry.

    I KNOW what amazing children are hiding beneath their challenges. And I respect and adore their parents, and these children - who walk an incredible path with dignity, strength and courage.

    you are amazing.

  10. I know you've sworn off blogging for a while but I've got an alternative. Flannery and I both write for a group called Flash Fiction Friday and it is a lot of fun. All you do is write a little story once a week to go along with the prompt and at the end of the week, everyone reads everbodies stories. You have such a natural talent for story telling I thought that this might be a perfect fit for you and it's only once a week. I would so love to have you swing by and give it a try.

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    Take good care ol' friend. Thanks,

  11. The trailer made me cry for the injustice that these kids face, and that Skyler faces, daily. I'm not sure I can handle the whole film. But I'll try.

  12. That is a film I'd like to see.

    I wish I could say something that wouldn't sound trite. But the other commenters have done a good job so I'll leave it at that.

  13. Sorry this comment is so freakishly late - I was in no position to watch a video when you first posted so I bookmarked it to come back to and well...memory? Not my forte!

    That film looks heartbreaking. And I'm sure you are familiar with every single thought and emotion those mothers had. I want to see the entire documentary now actually. Hopefully a lot of people will and it will expand understanding of something most people have zero understanding of. I'm sure getting Skyler to where he is today was no easy feat and what you've learned could fill a book. But you rock so you know. You and your wife are amazing for all you've taught him. And helping him appreciate his weather girls is nothing to sneeze at either. :)

  14. Wow...a world I know nothing about but affects so many. My heart and prayers go out to your family and all the others in that world.

    Debralee happy to see a post from you.