Dec 20, 2011

Duo MainTenanT

That's the name of the dance these two are performing. 

I received this through email from a former co-worker who knew that I enjoyed the Cirque du Soleil when we got an opportunity to see it several years ago.  These two are former Cirque du Soleil dancers who are performing what I can only imagine must be the most sexually charged routine you can get away with in general public.

My friend raved about how beautiful this is, and I agree.  But I come away with several questions that I feel need to be asked of you, the backbone of blogging society.

Watch first, then answer please.

Good, now that you have gone and showered and are toweled off, let's begin.

  1. What is the over and under for how many times they needed to rehearse this until he could get through the performance without A) Sporting wood or B) exploding in his pants?
  2. Are these two lovers off stage?  If not, is there anything a guy could hope to pull off that could possibly satisfy her?
  3. Did he really just catch her by the crotch with his face?
  4. Did she really just facepalm/handstand on this guy?
  5. Does she not have the most incredible ass ever put on earth?
OK, I'm done now.


  1. 1. He's gay
    2. He's gay, she might be too.
    3. Yes
    4. Yes
    5. His is better.

  2. While watching this, I just kept thinking, "I hope she washed up 'down there'. lol!

  3. That is some serious trust she has in that dude. I can't imagine letting anyone throw me around like that and just trusting that they'll catch me accurately. Dang. That being said, I don't think they are lovers. I'm pretty sure he's gay.

  4. He just has to be gay, right?

  5. 1. I dunno about that gay thing. I thought I saw some wood a couple times...

    2. they're either lovers, or both gay

    3. yes and somehow made it look like a lot of fun, even though I can imagine that if I were to try this, we'd both end up on the floor in a heaping mass of pain

    4. yes, and there's nothing to say about their incredible athleticism and strength except, "WOW."

    5. no, that title goes to him.

    This is pretty incredible. Then again, all those cirque du soleil performers are simply amazing with the amount of strength and body control and flexibility they have. Just amazing...

    thanks for sharing!

  6. He's totally gay... and now, I might be too. ;)

  7. 1. He hasn't made it yet.
    2. Maybe that's where they got the idea for some of those moooves.
    3. Over and over and over.
    4. Ouch, yes.
    5. No. Cora does. :-)

  8. And fair play, it lasts for over six minutes.


  9. I can't help thinking how much more awesome "Dirty Dancing" would have been had this been the final dance.

  10. I am so jealous of her ass

    Happy Christmas to you and your wonderful family!!!

  11. Assuming your questions are rhetorical--it certainly was beautiful.

    Off to find Old Dog....

  12. She has to be the tiniest lil thing ever...and a man's wet dream. Heck a ladies too!