Mar 13, 2012

Bad Tat Tuesday Rides Again!

All of you regular contributors out there are really stepping up your game these days.  I hope I have captured all of your wonderful submissions, if I forgot anyone let me know.

Cora sent me possible the worst "Where's Waldo" idea in the history of ever!

Another one to make mom proud.

This was found on Facebook.

A friend who wishes to remain anonymous sent me this one.  Stalker alert!

Fellow blogger Lynette submitted this collection of fine eye tats.

I bet most of you know live it LOVE IT from Southified Masshole, she found this example of good art gone bad.

Thank you so much Raine for horrifying me and turning me on at the same time!

From Tom Lennert, by way of another friend who wants to remain anon, we have a commentary on those "not so fresh" days I used to see on the Massengill Douche commercials.


  1. There's Waldo, right there!

  2. I'm so glad I have no tattoos.

  3. What the hell is the last one and what is that on?? A leg?

  4. If I may, I believe that last one is a representation of the dreaded candiru fish of the Amazon. Normally, they will swim up a man's urinary tract. This candiru seems to have lost his way, swam up into a woman's vagina, and then choked on her Tampon string. The labia piercing is just there to class up the joint.

    In plain English, that's some messed up stuff right there.

  5. So I'm guessing the last guy is not real popular with the ladies.

  6. I'm grateful for the tattoos I have, and never getting one again. All your fault, SD.

  7. Oh. Dear. God. The dude who has that last one just was not thinking. He can rule out dating for the rest of his life. Jeez.

  8. Oh.My.God. on the last one!!!