Aug 29, 2012

More Bad Tats!

Sorry for my absence in this little corner of the internet (insert standard disclaimer about how busy/lazy/ADD I have been).

Lots of folks have been so kind to send me tats and I really appreciate them all.  If you don't see yours appear, it doesn't mean that I don't like it.  It just means that I have used it in past postings.

Either that or I lost it in my complex storage system that uses a form of the replicator found in the Star Trek TV series.

I am going with the former...

Without further ado, here is an entry sent by our good friend Cindy!

Momma always did love her pistol.

These were sent to me by Bill on Facebook.

Psycho Bitch who will never ever have a job...

Everybody always wants to lick the Chewy.

I found this one earlier today from one of the sites I follow.  It was called "The world's worst tramp stamp".  I think I may have to agree...

And last is a link to some tats that good friend and frequent contributor, Scope, sent to me.  I have posted a couple of these before, but some I had not seen yet.  I decided to be lazy and just give you the link to them.  Thanks Scope!


  1. You know you would think that just by calling it a Tramp Stamp would be enough for a woman to realize it is not a positive addition to her body. Oh wait, Tramps....maybe I should remember they don't care about what others think.

  2. Psycho bitch's mother must be VERY proud.

    1. I think she has a framed copy for her mantle.

  3. Anonymous10:00 AM

    I'm guessing mom took one look at that idiot and died of shame.

    1. I think the mom also got one at the 2 for 1 deal.

  4. These never fail to astound me. And make me glad I don't have a tat.

  5. Ummm I'm not understanding what a woman's best friend is? Is that a penis?