Mar 29, 2012

Some Shit I Need To Get Off My Chest

Recently I have been getting increasingly prone to getting pissed off by things that people have been saying to me, or around me.  So in no particular order, here are a couple of things that I need to vent before I start throwing dead bodies out the door.

  1. If you ask me my opinion on a topic such as politics or religion, you know that all you are doing is waiting to give me your own.  So at least wait until I finish a fucking sentence before you start to interrupt me to tell me where I am wrong.
  2. Along the same lines, if I express a fondness for a movie or a song, please be aware that taste in such cultural things is subjective at best.  If you don't like said movie or song, that is just your opinion.  It is not fact.  Last I checked, there was not a scorecard or a dipstick to check which is better.  Do me a favor and keep your god damned opinion to yourself about what a lowbrow idiot I am for liking something.
  3. I appreciate your concern, but please stop telling me that I need to get out more and that there is lots of help available to take care of Skyler so that I could enjoy a weekend away with Kathy!  The next person who tells me this will get my now standard response of "What time can we expect you to show up?"
  4. Hey managers at work, I checked the stats for the downloads of some of the documents that I have been writing.  They are in the thousands, and just because one person didn't like the organization of a quick start guide I wrote and compared in unfavorably with a document from HP, doesn't mean we need to have a fucking meeting to discuss the deficiencies of my documentation.  That comment probably came from an HP employee!
  5. And by the way person of importance at work... I joined that conference call early.  You know, the one where you told the people in the room that you didn't understand why getting the documentation was so hard, and that your third grader could do it?  yeah, I will remember that line, and if I ever travel to where you work, I will find you.  there will be words, oh yes.  And most likely blood.
OK, I am all better now... sort of.

Mar 23, 2012

Friday Funnies

More items found on the soft, visceral underbelly of the Intenettubes!

Mar 20, 2012

Is It Tuesday Already?

Man did that week slide by fast!  I never even got around to posting any more of my idiotic findings before Bad Tat Tuesday rolled around again.  Oh well, here we go.

First up is 3 submissions by my friend Cindy, who always finds good stuff!

He will have to wear sleeves for the rest of his life.

This is odd, but looks good on a really nice looking canvas!

Clever, but who would do that to their leg?
This one comes from my friend Ginn, who is a knitting affectionado.
If you search for "Horrible tattoos", you get even worse than bad tats.  Such is the power of the Google...

Dr Crane channeling his inner Jack Nicholson.

Mar 13, 2012

Bad Tat Tuesday Rides Again!

All of you regular contributors out there are really stepping up your game these days.  I hope I have captured all of your wonderful submissions, if I forgot anyone let me know.

Cora sent me possible the worst "Where's Waldo" idea in the history of ever!

Another one to make mom proud.

This was found on Facebook.

A friend who wishes to remain anonymous sent me this one.  Stalker alert!

Fellow blogger Lynette submitted this collection of fine eye tats.

I bet most of you know live it LOVE IT from Southified Masshole, she found this example of good art gone bad.

Thank you so much Raine for horrifying me and turning me on at the same time!

From Tom Lennert, by way of another friend who wants to remain anon, we have a commentary on those "not so fresh" days I used to see on the Massengill Douche commercials.

Mar 9, 2012

A Few More Friday Funnies

Back for more are you?  Well then sit back, grab hold of the eye bleach, and hang on.

Stole this from Beth!


No duck lips?

I might make that the theme of my blog.

Now *that's* a friend!

If I'm your guide, you are fucked.