Feb 22, 2007

An important film.

I just received an email from our-kids about one of our members. She is a long time member and I have come to know her as a friend. She knows the guy who made this film, and I was quite moved by the story. I look forward to being able to see it in it's entirety.

While things are not as bad today as they were back then, there is still a lot of push to institutionalize children who society puts no value on. And to a lesser extent, to not allow children such as mine the same chance at getting an education in their local school.

They pat themselves on the back for letting him sit in the segregated room, away from the rest of the school population, and don't understand why we fight so hard to have him included in the typical classroom setting...

Before I go off on a rant, here is a bit of the text from her posting, with links that I encourage you all to visit. Thanks.

Tonight a good friend and I attended a showing of a film made here in Oregon (by a fellow who went to my high school, actually--two years behind me.) I'm sure you will all love this story...have a look at these websites. Eventually this will be on DVD and available to the public, but this was a showing at the Portland International Film Festival. I won't tell you the story...will let you read and see it for yourself. EVERYONE should see it.


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  1. Looks like a very interesting story, but I'm sure I'll cry!