Feb 9, 2007

What Would Betty Do?

Check out Betty's newsletter to get her take on Lisa Nowak and Anne Nicole Smith.

OK, so I am a heathen, but she makes me laugh out loud! A couple of great lines:

Truly, it makes one despair for the state of health care in this country when a 39 year-old traveling with her own private nurse can't get a simple heroin dosage right. But we shouldn't be too quick to impugn the no doubt frazzled nurse's skills. After all, it must have taken a trained eye to discern that Anna was actually unconscious instead of just giving another cataleptic interview to Entertainment Tonight.

As Laura "Pickles" Bush remarked to me at breakfast this morning:

"The killing? Now, that I can understand. Trust me. But the not stopping five minutes for a poop and a ciggy? Why, that's a big ole batch of bug-eyed crazy!"

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  1. Yes, this is your kind of humor alright. ;)