Dec 14, 2010

Bad Tat Tuesday

Hey folks. Sorry this is late (insert standard excuse disclaimer) but I hope you enjoy these while I go back to shoveling 10 pounds of shit into a 5 pound bag...

For the Harry Potter fan!

I got this to prove I am a true artist.

Lilly sent me this one, thanks Lilly!  It means torture, which it must have been to get.

OK, not really a tat, but belongs in here with the rest of the messed up stuff.

Another one from Lilly, butt-roaches are hard to get rid of.

Yeaaaahhh, that is nice.  What's up with neck tats?

That's knot very subtle.  (he he he, see what I did right there with the "knot"?)  OK, I'll move on now.
Finally, from Chad, comes this wonder piece that screams WTF!  I guess they must have requested not skin be shown.


  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    hahahaha I'm loving that rat......

    I would laugh harder but I might just find that one on a realtive in the next few weeks, so yeah.....

  2. I'm happy you pointed out the butt roaches thing because up until that moment, I was sure that was some hairy boobs! Phew. I think. There are some truly baffling folks out there.

  3. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Butt Roach Motel. I think I stayed there once, actually.

  4. My hubby is a recruiter. Interviewed a guy with an eyeball in middle of forehead the other day. Result - difficult to place. ANYWHERE

  5. Butt bugs? BUTT BUGS?? What the hell?! Who wakes up one day with that idea in their noggin and actually thinks that's a good notion?! Wow.

  6. They're all...just...WOW!

    Rat tail and bug butt are gonna give me nightmares.

  7. Do these people have kids? How much therapy will that take????

  8. Anonymous8:43 AM

    it's only a matter of time before someone covers their body in a scene forom Where's Waldo? In fact, I'm sure it has probably already been done. That knot dude looks like a perpetually sad and surprised clown. - G

  9. I think you've truly outdone yourself this week. These are some of the most disturbing tattoos I've ever seen.

  10. WTF?? WHO on EARTH would PUT Coackroaches on their ASS????


  11. do these people have kids? NO did they have parents....come on.....butt bugs, rat head and knot going anywhere fast!

  12. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Glad to see my ass roaches I found had such an impact. Apparently the person was a fan of the group Papa Roach - I was looking for a pic of the band when I found it and JUST HAD to send it on.

  13. i wonder if those ass bugs are really crushed bedbugs