Jun 12, 2011

Music has charms to sooth a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.

I don't believe that I have ever told you all about my very talented brother-in-law Steven. He married the next oldest of the Anderson girls (Kathy is the youngest, Karen the middle, and Kris the oldest). Steven is a really smart guy, a programmer for an insurance company. But Steven is also passionate about music. He plays a lot of different instruments, and has been in a number of different bands in his life.

When Steven and Karen moved out to the country outside of Seattle, Steven decided to build a recording studio. It started in his garage, but soon the plans for it's own building were underway. And what a place it is! I scanned a couple of images from one of his old brochures:

And just a few more shots:

Steven has been recording a lot of people lately, some of them are big names locally, but mostly he has been doing a lot of work for the local school and struggling artists because he is a really nice guy like that. There was a group that came by to get recorded that Steven was saying was really good. They are called BOWI, and they did a concert for their friends and friends of Steven today as a thank you for their CD release that Steven did for them.

Here are some quick shots I stole from Stevens Facebook page for his studio:

Steven at the helm of the starship TopOfTheHill...

They have a good sound, and on Steven's Facebook page for the studio https://www.facebook.com/?sk=nf#!/pages/Top-of-the-Hill-Music/292071827709
he says this:
One of the things I was looking forward most was when the crowd sings along to the last two choruses of "Rolling Home to Caladonia". Here is the feed from the stereo ribbon mike I had up near the stage.
Here is a quick link to the audience singing along

I look forward to hearing some more from them, and to hear their CD.

This whole thing got me to thinking about the days before Skyler, when Kathy and I got to go to concerts and such, and I was thinking about audience participation and singing at concerts.

What was your best moment at a concert when the audience really got into it?

For me it is a no brainer, it was always seeing Dan Fogleberg and his tradition of closing his show with "There's a place in the world for a gambler". He died after battling prostate cancer for three years in 2007 at 56 years old. I probably saw him more than any other artist, mostly because I loved his music, and partly because he never missed an opportunity to play at Red Rocks here in Colorado.

My second best would have to be the Indigo Girls when we saw them before they really got popular at a small venue here in Denver. They loved playing off of requests then, and they did an absolutely wonderful version of The Youngbloods - Get Together that night to close the show.

So what stands out for all of you as a great concert sing-a-long moment?


  1. I didn't know Dan Fogelberg died! How sad! (and where have I been?)

    My fav singalong moment would have to be the 2nd time I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The 1st time, the costumed characters and props were soooo much fun that when I saw it again (10 years later), mine was the loudest voice during the musical numbers.

    Good times!

  2. Best concert singalong moment was Brandi Carlile at House of Blues, they sang "Turpentine" and broke the audience up into thirds, each third led by one of the band members, and she taught each group a harmony, and then the whole audience sang the bridge together. I still remember my part.

    I found this video where she does it in Boston:


  3. "Stay" sung by Jackson Browne. My first husband was a JB-freak--we saw him every time he came through town. Another great concert was the "Yellow Brick Road" tour by Elton John. Talk about glitz!

  4. Honestly, I don't remember any sing-a-longs at the concerts I've been to. Unless you count a bunch of punks screaming in unison "get the fuck off the stage" at whomever was stupid enough to try and climb up with the band.

  5. SoCalGal: Believe it or not, I have never seen Rocky Horror!

    Steamy: Thanks for that link, it is awesome!

    Jeanne: That is one of my wife's favs also.

    Kirby: OK, you made me snort again!

  6. I gotta say it might be a toss up between The Rolling Stones or Garth Brooks...I know, Garth Brooks.

    The thing about Garth was I didn't even want to go. I figured it was a waste of time.

    Boy was I wrong. That boy can rock out a joint. I'm a big fan...now.

  7. Best sing-a-long concert moment:

    Jimmy Buffett @ Wriggley Field over Labor Day weekend a few years back. The song, "Sweet Home, Chicago". Perfect setting. And if you are playing this city and want to get the audience going, that's a gimme song song the opening riff.

  8. Candy: My sister turned me onto Garth a few years back. I had no idea...

    Scope: I have never seen Buffet live, but would love to.

  9. I don't know that I've ever been to a concert where there was a sing-a-long. I'll have to think about that. I would've loved to have seen Dan Fogelberg though.

  10. I never knew you had music talent in the family. Sounds good!

  11. Sing-along to U2, closing their show with Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" in 1992. I can imagine any show at Red Rocks is spectacular!!!

  12. Best sing along moment for me was Depeche Mode "Everything Counts" - the crowd went on and on and on. Brilliant.