Jun 23, 2011

Tips on how to shower with that special someone

Oh College Humor how I love you so!

I know this is turning into all video filler, but things are just fucking crazed around here. Work wants me to work (bastards) and Skyler has needed a lot of attention.

So, you get what you get...


  1. That was awesome. I think I'll need to watch that 3 or 4 times.

  2. The part where she's romantically washing her asscrack made me laugh so hard.

  3. Didn't that look like Danny from the Partridge Family? Gosh he would love to be in the shower with a hot girl.....who has soap lather that never washes off.....ewwww....soap scum tits.

  4. I agree with Lynette. What would a pretty girl like her be doing with a Danny B. lookalike? He even sounds like him, which would invert my nips.

  5. Scope: You and me both brother.
    Steamy: Wasn't that wonderful?
    Lynette: Now all I see is Danny in my head. Out! Out dammit!!
    So Cal: I laughed out loud at inverted nips, nice comment!

  6. Hmmm, I see his point. Dirty Butt crack is not sexy at all..

    Danny should just be happy he's going to have sex with a hottie in the shower...beggars cant be choosy

  7. Hmmm. He makes valid points. It just isn't quite romantic to start scrubbing your crack or your front bottom while a man is standing there watching. It makes you look like you have the Herp!

    You have to do it STEALTHILY! Distract the man (they're simple creatures when confronted with nudity) with your bouncy breasties and while he's drooling and giggling like a six month old, slip a soapy hand down and deal with the darklands. Sure to work.

    I have no idea why that sounds as perverted as it does...

    Pay me later, ladies.

  8. I hate it when they actually expect me to work at work. Bastards!

  9. Candy: Danny is definitely in over his head... so to speak...

    Veggie: We are certainly simple creatures, and I love the term darklands. You should patent that!

    Churlita: I know! What's up with that?

  10. I've been on Facebook too long. I keep looking for the "like" button.

  11. "Crack of LIES!"
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be yelling that out inappropriately for at least a month or so now.

  12. Thank you for making me laugh like a mofo!