Jul 26, 2011

Is it too late for another edition of Bad Tat Tuesday?

For those 5 or 6 readers who still stop by this little neck of the intertubes woods, Bad Tat Tuesday used to be a regular feature around here. Well, I have some great electronic friends who have still been sending me some great ink, so here is a shout out to Flannery Alden, Lily, Raine, and the Captain himself for sending me some great stuff!

Thanks folks, here we go!

This one looks so creepy that it might be part ink and part alive!

Oh sweet jebuz, this one will live on for weeks in my nightmares.

Hey, for those of you who can't afford your own notepad, here is a swell idea!

My own find, and possibly one of the few tats that I would consider getting. The LincolnBorg.

read the text below this one, all about the irony here.

Nothing says klassy like a penis dripping cum!

Pac Man enthusiast!

She's a bounty hunter...


  1. Just so you know, it's never too late for Bad Tat Tuesday. : ) Although, the old lady in the purple bikini is going to scar me for life.


  2. I could see where that notepad one would come in handy. I'm always forgetting things if I don't write them down.

  3. I'm glad bad tat Tuesday is back, however, that Boba Fett helmet tattoo is sweet!

    Also, the guy with the anti-gay scripture tattooed on himself? Clearly gay. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

  4. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Grannies with tattoos? None sadder. Sadness turned up to 11.

  5. No grandma should look like that. There should be a law.

  6. oh sweet LORD I will not sleep tonight. Grandma will be haunting me.

  7. I have three tattoos and Granny there just made me STOP at those three. If that's what I'd look like at 60, shoot me. I have to admit the first one though, looks kind of cool.

  8. Is too late to post a comment?....bad tat tuesday always a wonderful bundle of wtf!!!