Jul 3, 2011

Road Trip!

Last week, in a preemptive strike against the 4th of July idiots, we headed out of town to the mountains to cool off. In the past we have tried to head over to Glenwood Springs for a couple of days each summer. Skyler likes hanging out in the huge hot springs pool, and we all just relax a bit. But this year we went further west to the far northwest corner of Colo to Steamboat Springs. Why you ask? Well that is a pretty funny story.

Skyler has been seeing the same Physical Therapist his whole life. Her name is Mindy and she is great. Mindy makes some extra money by taking on PT students who are in their last year of school, and they shadow her for a semester to get real life skills. Some students are OK, and others you can tell are going to be great. She had a student named Danni that Skyler absolutely loved. He was really taken by her. So awhile back was the end of her rotation and she said bye to Skyler and he was bummed. I asked her where she was going next and she told us that her next gig was to work the summer at Yampa Valley medical summer as a PT helping out. That is in Steamboat Springs.

As soon as we got Skyler back into his chair and had his communications device in front of him, he spelled out "No Glenwood Steamboat". I thought "You little stalker you"! (just like his dad only without night vision goggles...

So we got Danni's phone number and called to make some arrangements to have coffee with her while we stayed for 3 days over in Steamboat and had fun. Here is Danni:

We basically hung out in the hot springs and went for a lot of walks. It was nice, but the elevation at Steamboat isn't that high, so we were still pretty warm up there. It reached 90 one day!

This is the ski jump hill, which is one of the oldest in the USA.

Looking west from the hotel.

Mount Werner, where the ski mountain is.

The Yampa valley.

The Gore range driving over.

Mom saves the day with Ice Cream!

Walking the paths, this is a bridge over the Yampa river.

The river was way high from the runoff, so most of the underpasses were closed.

The hot springs pool.

The slides were way fun!


  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Nice. You know, now that my former in-laws are no longer there, it might be nice to see Colorado again, in person.

  2. You are always welcome here with us Kirby!

  3. Our local Six Flags Water Park has decided in "truth in advertising."

    Their new slide is called "The Mega-Wedgie".

    And what can I say, the boy has taste.

  4. Hahaha! You said 'preemptive'. ; )

    And I agree with Scope. Your boy has great taste.

  5. @Scope: I absolutely love water slides! And I think his taste is pretty darn good too.

    @SoCalGal: I did that just for you! Glad you caught it.

  6. Skyler definitely knows how to pick 'em. She's ADORABLE!

  7. Wow. I gotta travel more!

  8. Cora: She is quite nice also!

    Chris: You would love taking pictures out here.

  9. LOL, Go Skylar!!

  10. Wow, how beautiful! I used to go to Colorado for work, but only in the winter - which made for some white knuckle driving. I've always wanted to go back to some of the great places I saw in the summer and Steamboat Springs is one of them.

  11. Wow. That looks gorgeous. I'm glad you all got a chance to get away.

  12. I have a feeling it wasn't Danni's PT skills Skyler is so fond of... :)