Apr 17, 2007

Bohemian Acid

Johnny Yen got me thinking about music and my choice for a perfect karaoke song would be Bohemian Rhapsody (would take a lot to pull it off but it would be leg-en-dar-y).

So I found this, so just imagine it's me!

Bohemian Acid - Funny bloopers are a click away


  1. I like the "mama, ooh-ooh-ooh-oohs" the best. Funny stuff.

  2. GKL: This kid was right on with the facial expressions!

  3. I'm sorry, just like the "no Stairway to Heaven" in music stores, they should have a big sign put up in karoake bars that says "no Bohemian Rhapsody."

  4. If you go to www.songshot.com, you can post your own version.

    My son and I love the part at the begining of Wayne's World where they're driving around listening to that song. They pass by two landmarks that are within 2 blocks of my home. I'll blog about it soon.

  5. Vikki: Actually, in a perfect world there aren't any karaoke bars.

    JY: That scene is sooo good, I just love it. Ahhh the Garthmobile!

  6. I once saw a group of about 10 people get up a do this song at Karaoke. They had a director and it was really hysterical but well done. Who practices for karaoke anyway?