Apr 3, 2007

File this under "That don't surprise me!"


  1. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Really, though, isn't that the way all us parents want to go someday?

  2. That's fucking hilarious!

    I've been in a celebrity Dead Pool for about ten years, and we always laugh when the rookies put Keith Richards on their list. He'll live to be 106. If all the drugs didn't kill him, nothing will.

  3. I think he is already dead and being operated by robotics, or cylons.

  4. I'm convinced the entire Stones group was embalmed prior to their Superbowl halftime show. High definition TV was not at all flattering for them.

  5. Mmm, I'd like to crawl into one of Keith's facial wrinkles and take a nice, snuggly nap.

  6. Kirby: Yep, right up my kids nose - or a Viking funeral, I can't decide.

    Johnny: Ever see the SNL skit with John Goodman as a hunting guide and Mike Myers as Ron Wood? Fuckin fantastic!

    GKL: He has Burt Reynolds in his command center like the Woody Allen movie.

    sv: They just keep moving through inertia.

    Vikki: Bad visual! Get out, get out!