Apr 20, 2007

What comes out of this dudes shuffle?

"I usually start the day by importing a few CDs as I answer the morning e-mail and down my first cup of coffee. As I'm working on a story, I keep on importing - somethings transferring two discs at once simultaneously on the G5 and the iMac. I'm forever tinkering with the library, several hours a day, often when I'm on the phone, sometimes even when I'm watching TV (on the extremely rare nights when I'm not out covering live music)."

Will Friedwald, jazz fan, New York Sun writer and possessor of what may be the largest iTunes music collection in the world (his main library has 172,150 tracks from 11,561 album by 2,935 artists).


  1. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Let me guess, he's single, lives with his cats, or maybe his mom?

  2. Thats right Kirby, mom's basement is his domain!