Jun 5, 2008

I get my news from the Onion!

I think this is going to catch on!

New Wearable Feedbags Let Americans Eat More, Move Less


  1. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Oh I hope Dunkin' Donuts joins the bandwagon. Then I'll finally be able to put on my makeup, change the radio station, read the newspaper, eat breakfast AND drive my car.

  2. Wait a minute. This is not real? Well shit. Way to get my hopes up.

  3. Anonymous6:05 AM

    is that real? NO wonder the rest of the world hate us.

  4. that's just nasty. I think I gained an extra 5 lbs just watching that. :P

  5. It's just a matter of time...

  6. I couldn't get the video to play....streamimg issues again...I am sure it is funny...I will try again later

  7. I hear they're working on a high viscosity mayonaise so all the food glides down easier without as much chewing and McDonalds is also workin on an all beef bun.

  8. Oh man... Now I'm hungry. Thanks.

  9. When Coors came up with the partyball keg I thought that food technology had reached it's zenith. Boy was I wrong.


  10. The frightening thing is that there's someone, somewhere who
    a) thinks this is a good idea and/or
    b) will actually go out looking for it!

    But maybe that person wouldn't read the Onion.

  11. Suze: You left out texting.

    Fawlless: You can always make it real for yourself, be a trend setter!

    La Crab: I think the world hates us for our president, but thats just me.

    Mom: It's the smell-o-vision feature, it adds weight!

    Some Guy: I agree, the hose part is probably in the works.

    Cheer: damned streaming feeds!

    Captain: I need some of that Mayo - I spend way too much valuable time chewing.

    Chris: My pleasure!

    Doc: I forgot about the partyball! How could that happen???

    Red: The Onion has fooled more than a few out there...