Jun 8, 2008

What's the new word, fierce?

Yesterday we took Skyler to the Rec Center to swim and hang out in the hot tub. It is a usual routine for us to go on Sunday but yesterday worked out better for us because Kathy was going to a race today. We met our PT, Mindy, at the pool and she helped get Skyler around while I am still not able to lift him.

The point of the story though, is that the Rec Center has meeting rooms and different sized places that you can rent for whatever occasion. When we were leaving after swimming, I was waiting in the lobby with Skyler while Kathy finished getting showered. We sat and watched a parade of women coming in the front door, looking at a sign that had been put up, then heading down the hall to the large meeting room.

It looked like the red carpet on the night of an awards show, only the trash version of the awards show. Each women that came in competed with each other to see who could show the most cleavage. One girl who couldn't have been 18 had on one of those dresses that the entire sides are open and it is laced up all the way up the sides.

What I guess was he mom was packed into a see through number like a sausage casing. It was tits on parade and the guys were all dressed like their favorite NBA star...

So when Kathy came out we strolled over to see what the big event was, expecting some sort of wedding reception or party. No such luck. This classy group were attending...

Wait for it...

Jerremy's first communion.


  1. Communion? I love snacks! But you had a feast for the eyes and the ages.

  2. I was thinking some kind of prom event. I'm not sure what communion is, but I'm pretty sure it is some kind of religion thing and doesn't involve breasts. Classy with a K for being held at the rec center.

  3. some people!! hahaha!!!

    maybe they pray to the god of bussom!!

  4. This is better than Quick Joke Friday. ;)

  5. Anonymous1:55 PM

    If Jesus could turn water into wine, surely he can turn B-Cups into D-Cups?

  6. Anonymous3:42 PM

    See when you make your first communion that means that you now have to go to confession. They just wanted poor Jeremy to get the hang of whole lewd thoughts confession thing. That's what my family does anyway.

  7. Mountain Mom4:19 PM

    From the mind of Jerremy: "Glory be to God!!" LOL! That is priceless.

  8. Huh. Some kids have all the luck...

  9. Truly, truly funny. God bless.

  10. Yeah, but what did th' Sky-Mon think of it all?? THAT's what's interesting!!

  11. No telling what a funeral, wedding, or birthday will turn up?


  12. Amen.

    I'm sure Skyler could have waited around a little longer.

  13. Dale: I miss my little cookies since leaving the Catholic church!

    Lady: First Communion is a Catholic thing, usually happens about 5 or 6 years old.

    That Girl: oddly enough, that is who I pray to...

    GKL: Thanks!

    Kirby: Jesus was more of a butt man, so he doesn't really care.

    Suze: I have said it before, but I really want to party with your family.

    Mom: Can I get an amen?!

    Chris: My first communion had none of that sweet action.

    Falwless: Thanks!

    Captain: Skyman was staring quite hard. He he he, I said hard.

    Doc: I bet the funeral would really rock!

    Grant: Hey, there is an amen for mom! Skylers perfectly normal 17 year old boy brain was in overdrive.