Apr 1, 2009

Product Reviews by Sky-Dad

Several items have come my way lately that for one reason or another caught my eye. The staff here at Some days it's not worth chewing through the leather straps has been busy evaluating a number of products and have filed a comprehensive report on all to share.

OK, in the interest of full disclosure, there is no staff, and there are only pictures.


On with the reviews!

What the hell? Shave the baby? I am sure that there might be a circus baby someplace that actually needs a shave, but this thing is growing hair in spots on it's body that even I don't grow hair on!

Ever place bullshit bingo while sitting in boring corporate meetings? This device makes it easy! Except it is made to be applied to the bullshit artists wrist so that when certain words or phrases are detected, it administers a shock. Too cool! There are several people I work with that I would love to tag with this baby. Do you hear me Mr. " leveraging bleeding-edge technology for a real value-add going forward"?

Sorry, but we will have to wait for awhile to review the iPod shuffle until my evaluation unit um... re-appears...

From the Mega-Church folks down in Colorado Springs, a new toy for the kiddies. The invisibilty cloak wearing, AK-47 toting God action figure! I always was taught that God was invisible anyway, but the real question is why does an omnipotent figure need an AK-47?

Guitarboat! Don't laugh, I bet it goes harder than your boat. Besides, the all metal Xylophone boat wasn't worth a crap.

Can I just buy the instructional DVD?

Let's face it, the pet rock craze of the 70's was stupid. Now a USB powered pet rock, now we are getting somewhere!!

Has there ever been a more perfect food? I submit not!

Let your little Jedi warrior sleep inside his own eviscerated animal. Seriously, Think Geek advertises this as:
Tauntaun Sleeping Bag - Slumber in the Belly of the Beast


  1. These are hilarious -- where do you find this stuff!?!

  2. Shave the baby? Eat the I-pod? you find the BEST stuff! I don't know how you do it. :-)

  3. Not surprisingly, God has quite a package.

  4. Great finds! I hope your ipoop uh ipod reappears soon

    I need that sleeping bag for my husband!

  5. babies shouldn't be shaved there, period.

    And I wanna know does the Tauntaun SMELL like one, too? And did they put white, sqooshy tubes on the inside for that extra bit o' realism??

  6. I really wish you'd told me about the iPod before I ate three of them at the Apple Store Buffet.

  7. "...but the real question is why does an omnipotent figure need an AK-47"

    Because it's badass, that's why.

  8. Who knew God was into disco and dressed like Iggy Pop?

  9. An AK for the Almighty would be redundant, but who is going to tell him different? Dang, all these products were pure blogging gold.

  10. Shave the Ginger Baby is the creepiest toy I have ever seen.

  11. Damn Gwen stole my comment!

    Funny Stuff, dude!

  12. What would I do without your blog, SD? Probably a lot more housework. And who wants to do that?

    The Squeeze Bacon is the weirdest food since cheese in an aerosol can.

  13. http://inventorspot.com/articles/15_strange_funny_weird_bizarre_sick_gifts_20878

    This website put me in touch with some lovely gifts this past Valentine's Day :)

  14. However priceless all of these are, the Squeeze Bacon chased them all away.

    I almost wish I could find one to give to someone.

  15. That sleeping bag looks like Snoopy from Peanuts. That's what happened to him!

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