May 17, 2009

Skylers Graduation

Updated: YouTube was being it's usual bitchy self and removed the music. So I uploaded the video. You can try again if you didn't get the music now.

What a week it has been! All of Kathy's family (except the oldest sister and her husband) came in from the Seattle area to help celebrate the big event. Skyler's favorite cousin, Kirsten, came in early on Monday to hang out with him and enjoy some special time with him before the rest of the family hit town, and he loved that.

We had a lot going on, and I wanted to get Kirsten up into the mountains. But time was short so I could only get up to a hiking area outside of Evergreen called Elk Meadow, but she had a good time anyway.

We managed to get a quick trip up to Eldorado Canyon also.

The rest of Kathy's family came into town later in the week, and while Kirsten stayed with us, they were at a local hotel. Everyone got together for breakfast one morning.

And of course the required family photo after we had a dinner at our place.

My dogs liked all the added attention!

Graduation night was a long one, a bit late for Skyler's liking. He is an early bird, and this ran late. He hung in there pretty well until the end, especially when the ass-hats of the crowd started blowing air horns when their kids were announced. I thought we were heading for a seizure a couple of times. But he did OK. Here he is with a teacher and his long time aide, on the right.

His grade school principal and art teacher came to see him also.

Here I am in the stands up at the CU event center where they had the graduation. We got their early to hold down seats, and managed to hang onto a couple of rows.

And here is the big moment, my man picking up the diploma! Since he couldn't go up on stage, the superintendent of schools came down to him. I thought it was fitting they adapt to him for once in his life.

We had a hard time keeping that mortar board hat on his head with his headrest...

Saturday was the graduation party. We had about 120 folks that came, and a friend of Kathy's that lives in 5 parks was able to rent their clubhouse for us to use. It was great!

Thanks for hanging in there this long, I would like to share a video that Skyler and his speech therapist made for his graduation. It's 8 minutes, I hope you enjoy.



    Sky Dad, thanks so much for sharing all this with us. It's truly lovely! And Skyler's video is FANTASTIC!! My daughter watched it with me and wants me to tell you it was "COOL" :-)

  2. VERY cool! Congratulations Skyler!!! I'm glad they came down to his level for once.

    My h.s. graduation was on the football field. I was first down the stairs (on crutches) so no one would trip me, and last off the field (it's usually first on, first off). And I was the only one who got to sit in a chair during rehearsals. lol!

    I haven't watched the video yet, but you know I'll be back when everyone else goes to bed.

  3. Congratulations, Sklyer!!

    Awesome video.

    What a tiny little guy... and now a high school grad... and all in 8 minutes! my how time flies.... :-D

  4. Way to go Skyler! Great video, too! I liked how you managed to get the Jeopardy theme in there.

  5. Skyler you be the man!

    Congrats to you all for reaching this wonderful milestone!

    You know I always thought it was so cliche when people said, "oh, they grow so fast", but it's so true....

  6. I totally teared up watching the video, but my main thought was, "God really got Skyler the right parents."

    Congratulations to all of you.

  7. Congrats, Skyler, way to go!


    Waaaay more than excellent, folks! Congra-rats to Skyler!! Whoo-hoo!! Bring on th' rooty-beers!!

  9. Congratulations to you all! Especially Skyler!

    Man, what a great video! Loved the live version of Wonder!

  10. Sorry it took me so long to return (relatives leave tomorrow) but I gotta say - that was a 3 hanky video! Great job!!! Loved the music and all the pictures.

    One thing I've always wanted to do was snow ski...but I've always been too lazy.

  11. Everyone is so nice, thanks a lot! I ave not had much time to go comment on everyones blogs, or return comments here yet. Unfortunately, it looks like work will be so busy it will be awhile!

  12. Congratulations, Skyler! On the graduation, and on having such a great family.

  13. Congrats, Skyler! You guys are just about the perfectest family ever... warms my cold heart.

  14. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Congratulations Skyler. Nice work on the video.

  15. awww congratulations on skylers graduation!!!!!!!!! he did it, he finally did it!!!! how proud you must all be. what a sweetheart he is. so what are his plans now? college, perhaps?

    take care...



    I'm only about 1 minute into the video but I wanted to clarify there isn't sound right? Is there? Cuz my sound is a bit sketchy on the laptop.

    Anyway, the pic of Skyler in the car seat with the dogs staring at him is priceless!

  17. P.S. Me spots a Husky sweatshirt mid way thru the vid.


    And oh my Lord, can you believe your teeny tiny baby is now graduated from HS?!?! Scary!

  18. Just read your email, came back to watch the vid again.

    I had the sound on the little screen thing all the way down.

    DUH! *smacks myself on the forehead*

  19. Congratulations! He wouldn't have done it without a great mom and dad!

  20. Congratulations Skyler! Determination and brilliance will secure your future, and congratulations to Kathy & Chris for just being simply plain awesome.

  21. What's next on his agenda? Will he go to college?

  22. Wow, congratulations, Skyler! It is a great feeling to be the fuck out of high school. Good job surviving it, I barely did.

    And I concur--why do douchebag morons feel the need to bring AIRHORNS to graduation? These are the PARENTS, sad to say. Fail.

  23. Oh man, sorry I missed it. What a great series of photos though and Kristen and Skyler looked like they had a great time together. Congrats Skyler!

  24. I can't believe I missed this post! Ia m so sorry! Congrats Skyler.. you've come a LONG way baby!

    The beginning of that video brought back SO many memories. Sniff
    The rest of it was beautiful. I loved watching him grow up in just 8 minutes. Great Idea