May 6, 2009

Tags Times Two

I have two tags that I would like to take care of, first comes from Gwen over at Everything I Like Causes Cancer:

"I want you to do me a favor. Tonight when you get home from work, or today while the kiddos are napping, go find your clothing/footwear/accessory equivalent of my pajama top and take a picture of the revered item. Post the picture on your own blog tomorrow and tell us the story behind it. You don't have to link back to this post because I don't get fussy about stuff like that but please do come back and leave a comment so we can find and enjoy your stories."

Well my dear Gwen, since I am both a packrat and a fashion nightmare, this is going to take some doing! How about if I list a couple of things that have sentimental value?

Navy Peacoat, wool, 1 each. From my 4 years in the USN, it hangs in my closet in hopes that I will take it out someday. It really is a great coat, lots of memories in that thing, I don't know why I never wear it. But I hang on to it still...

Old school Nuggets throw back jersey. This was the design the Denver Rockets chose when they went from the old ABA into the NBA. You either loved this or hated it, I happen to have loved it. I would have modeled it also but I am no longer "medium" in size.

This is Skylers blood pressure cuff from when he was in the NeoNatal Intensive care unit for 3 months. Size 4 is his second one, his first was size 3. I should have placed something there for size reference, because the cuff is about 2 1/2" long!

I will stop here before Kathy gets mad at me for bringing boxes of shit up from the basement. We are supposed to be cleaning up for her family coming to town for Skylers graduation, not digging stuff out!

Thanks for the tag Gwen, love ya.

The second tag comes from Diane over at Cooking Blind. She tagged me with an "Awesome" award and 7 things that make you awesome list. And it comes with this really cool graphic:

Isn't that just a lovely piece of wonderful?

So here is my list of 7:

1. I am secure enough in my manhood to put that graphic up there.

2. I am a sentimental fool (see the previous tag with Skyler's cuff).

3. I once unofficially held the Colorado State high school record in the mile with a 4:45 by watch, not stopwatch. It didn't count because it wasn't a stopwatch and wasn't a sanctioned track meet.

4. I can bend my tongue into several shapes, including an O, a U, an S, and it can make motorboat sounds.

5. Most people have a wingspan roughly the same as their height. I am 6 foot but have a wingspan of 6' 2 1/2".

6. I had the greatest parents a person could possibly hope for. They supported my in everything I did, helped me all the time, bought stuff for me when there was no money. I owe them everything.

7. I cry quite easily, at all sorts of things. Movies, songs, Kodak commercials, it is actually more ridicules than awesome...

Thanks for the tag Diane! You are awesome!


  1. Yaaaay! You did it!

    First off, that is one fine pea-coat you've got there, mister. No two ways about it, those are snappy and timeless. Great choice. It still looks great on you, even in shorts. (Nice legs.)

    I can tell that's a long-loved tee-shirt by its retro look. I'm impressed with its condition. You must use non-chlorine bleach.

    And lastly, I got a ruler out for a visual and that cuff is TI-NEE. That you still have it speaks tomes about your soul. I love you, man. Thanks for celebrating the big 600 with me.

  2. My dad is sentimental too. He used to keep all the wristbands from my surgeries. I had no such fondness, and couldn't remove them fast enough.

    Congrats on your Queendom! And not in a Freddie Mercury kinda way!

  3. I agree with Gwen. Nice peacoat (you really should wear it more often) and nice legs.

    Which reminds me, time for me to hop on my treadmill and go for a jog.

  4. Um... I have written and deleted about 17 filthy comments about number awesome thing about you #4- so I'm going to switch gears altogther and say nice coat.

  5. I love a bearded man, and those legs! But what's with those shorts? They're ripped and not in the good sense. But I admire your self-esteem in that you would photograph youself in such an electic array of clothing. :)

  6. Anonymous11:17 PM

    All that I love about you in one post. You still wear the coat well, you are admirably secure in your manhood, your "discreet" pride with #4, your parents, and your sensitivity. You run too fast, though! :-)

  7. Hmmm... I'm gonna have to go thru my closet...

    Or at least my tee-shirt drawer: i've got a tee shirt of a topless man with a 9mm handgun saying, "can't talk now, honeycakes, I'm on Nude Patrol!"

  8. Anonymous8:28 AM

    That Nuggets jersey looks like a Tetris game.

  9. I cry at everything sentimental too!!

    The worst part is whin I try to hide it and then I end up making these hic-up noises that attract even more attention to myself.

    I am such a boob.

  10. That coat is great- you should totally wear it out!

  11. You are my new fashion icon baby!
    Yes, you are a sentimental fool, but aren't we all?
    That tongue thing....made my brain explode.

  12. Here's how dorky and nosy I am: I'm all excited that I just got a peek inside your bathroom. Uh-huh. Roll your eyes. Go ahead. ;-)

  13. Those Kodak/ASPCA commercials get me every time. *sniff*

  14. I think we need pictures of these tongue acrobatics.

  15. Great pic of you! I LOVED the jersey.

    I remember when Tiff has to wear stuff that small.. amazing how far they have come. I hope Skyler is feeling better.

    Can we get video of the tongue dance?

  16. A few years ago, my mother came across a bunch of my old baby stuff-- original birth certificate, picture right after birth (with my misshapen head-- I was her first, and the birth took a long time). Also in there was my hospital bracelet, which barely fits over my thumb now.