Aug 21, 2009

Tales from the Pacific Northwest Part 1

We are back from vacation up to the Seattle area to see Kathy's family and I have started to get kind of rested up from all the fun. All of Kathy's family still lives up in the area, her dad and brother Kenny still live in Bellevue, her next older sister Karen lives in Duvall, and her oldest sister lives up in Camano Island.

We got around to see everyone and had a nice time catching up with all, and had a chance to get to talk about plans and what is going on with Kathy's dad. He has not been doing all that well since his wife died and he now has some help coming in to take care of some of the cooking, medication, cleaning and stuff that has been needed for some time. Never a fun time having to have those kinds of talks.

I have lots of pictures, some nice, most are boring family stuff, and some video to share, so I will try and spread it out over the next few days.

But the end of the trip brought a nice surprise, I got to meet up with fellow blogger Cora and her Daughter Gwen who were on their way to see Scope! Our schedules were all messed up so the only time that worked out was when we were both flying out of SeaTac at the same time. Cora's mom dropped them by and we caught up over coffee. Cora had a special request for a boob honk from Gwen, so I will let Cora handle posting about that since she had the camera! Stay tuned to see who was the pitcher and who was the catcher... Here is a hint: My wife was taking the photo.

Since Skyler has become so big and hard to carry up and down stairs, we have been staying at an extended stay place that has some assessable rooms. And by assessable, they mean bigger door, but not a good shower. So he got just a couple of baths at a local swimming place for the trip. And he is a stinky teen now, so we all had to tough it out! This picture is the little kitchen and table, with this huge living room with no furniture. Weird room, really...

Going for a long walk at Kelsey Creek.

And we spent an afternoon walking along the waterfront.

More thrills and chills like this are coming! Stay tuned, it's exciting!


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  2. Skyler looks so good! He looks like he had a wonderful time. I love his smile.

    It is so wonderful to meet a fellow blogger isn't it. I am glad you got the opportunity

    I am looking forward to the next installment.

    Have I told you lately that I love you man? You make my day every damn time with your comments.

  3. Well it looks like it was worth chewing through the straps for this trip. I love that you was able to meet up with a fellow blogger and share. It is always fun to connect. And Skyler looks like he was happy with a change of pace too. Beautiful places (well other than the accomodations) that you visited.

  4. Ahh, you answered the question that I asked of you (re: seeing Cora) on your reply to my post. I hope that made sense. lol!

    Bathing facilities for the disabled are always lacking. I shouldn't admit this, but on the 7-day Alaskan cruise, I was only able to shower twice. It was an accessible stateroom but, while the bathroom was big(ger), the shower was pathetically inadequate.

  5. That funny room with the big plants in it will look better when they've got the cutains up.

  6. I wasn't wearing my glasses, so at first I thought I was reading "*sshole rooms", haha.
    That's so cool that you got to meet Cora.
    All teenagers stink, except for the girl ones that you can't get out of the bathroom.

  7. i cant believe these hotels have bigger door but not accessible showers.

    skyler sure looks like he loves seattle

  8. Love that first pic of Skyler in the room. He looks DELIGHTED with his surroundings. Made me smile!

  9. It was FANTASTIC getting to meet you, Kathy and Skyler!! And please thank Kathy for me for being such a good sport - the look on her face was priceless and plainly said YOU BLOG FOLK ARE NUTSO. How very true.


    I hope to post our meeting tomorrow. Brace yourself. Hee hee hee.