Aug 2, 2009

What an award!!

The Politic's Chick over at The Politics of Love has sent me this lovely award for my entry in a contest!

That's right, check it out! My very own guide to getting it on. Seems appropriate since I came up with more euphemism's than the others that I should try and learn a little bit about the fine art of making love. I thought I had figured a few things out in my many years, but glancing through the pages I found a few items that spun my head around!

I mean who knew?

But the absolute best thing is the back cover:

That's right babies, it is the Ben Franklin Award winner!! Whooot whoot!!

Because we all know how Ben rolled with the ladies back in his day. First get his drink on:

Then hit one one of the office staff and get busy!

Thanks so much for the award, I love it!


  1. Ben Franklin was world class debaucherist! He'd stick his little Benny into pretty much anything that moved!

    Check it!

  2. J.J. in L.A.5:50 PM

    Any book that's been translated into Slovenian is a winner, in my opinion!

    I'm gonna need your input in tomorrow's blog. Just giving you a head's up (no pun intended!). O:-)

  3. Yeah Big Ben was pretty much up for anything. Especially getting drunk and getting it on!

  4. A very impressive piece, and well deserved award!

  5. Ha ha ha!! That picture of you cracked me up! I sooooooooooo needed that today, Sky Dad! How'd you know? :-D

  6. The Politics Chick11:06 AM

    What I loved the best is the looks I got as I sat that big ass book of loving on the counter at the checkout! Enjoy...

  7. Haha congrats! I freaking love that episode of The Office... must go youtube now...

  8. Hey Linda Blair - excellent photoshop skills =-X

  9. Dang, Suze took my Linda Blair joke.