Aug 4, 2009

It's Another Bad-Tat Tuesday!!

After a short hiatus to reload, Bad_tat Tuesday is back and better than ever! We scour the Internettubes so you don't have to. Why you would want to is beyond me, but at least clicking over here isn't much work. Unless you count the effects of the sleepless nights from checking out these wonderful pieces of body art.

So sit back, make sure your seat belt is secure around your lower waist and you have returned your flight attendant to her full upright position, because here we go!!!

A picture of little fluffy just as she looked before the little baby Jesus took her to heaven... after she got the rabies...

At least the first fluffy didn't look like it was run over by a roller.

It's the dog-king zombie! I am sure this is from an old scifi movie.

Just to show the world that you are not one to be fucked, or fucked with.

Nice lettering across the forehead. he is every fathers dream for his little girl.

What on Earth? Bat ghosts go to heaven?

I think there may be some unresolved anger issues here.

The artist really captured the essence of the bad dental work.

After enough shots, most Tequila worms start to look like this one.

Here is where I like to be touched!

Oh hell to the nth power! What on earth!?! I guess this is just to scare the kids off his lawn.

The-the-the-thats all folks! We now return you to your regular drinking to forget.


  1. J.J. in L.A.4:18 AM

    The guy with the tats and piercings is SOL if he's looking for a least he should be. And the couple's face on that arm? If you're gonna do that, show 'em a pic with your mouth closed!

  2. Some Guy5:39 AM

    You never cease to amaze with these, S.D.!

  3. katrocket6:29 AM

    WOW! That's an extra scary episode of BTT. I might have nightmares about stuff with teeth.

  4. Mnmom7:40 AM

    #3 looks like some kid's drawing on his parents' refrigerator.

  5. Surely people are getting paid to get these stupid ass tats, right? I mean nobody would actually get one of these cause they wanted to!

    Of course, some chick did get a Rachael Ray tattoo, so I guess people do like to get stupid tats:

  6. "This is where I like to be touched" made me scream with laughter.

  7. Candy3:36 PM

    Bloody tampax and rude girl...she must be the belle of every ball 8-)

  8. Whiskeymarie3:53 PM

    Yet another fine example of why you should never, ever get a tattoo whilst drunk, stupid, high, angry or all of the above.

  9. [Un]Censored4:02 PM

    Awesome. By the way, I emailed you a good "Bad Tat" :P

  10. People scare me. Hold me mama :'(

  11. BeckEye8:47 AM

    Sweet Lord - is that one a dead rabbit? WTF??

    Hey, are you getting that Firecrotch badge tattooed on your ass? You know your reign as Firecrotch is over, right? :-P

    UNLESS you win this month.

  12. Skylers dad8:56 AM

    (Charlton Heston voice) I will give up my Firecrotch badge when they pry it from my dead, cold ass!

  13. Aimee Miller9:38 AM

    I really want to get another tattoo, but everytime I see these bad-tat's it scares the hell out of me!

  14. I am SO getting the tampon one.

  15. holy shit. the tampon one is EPIC.

  16. kirby2:52 PM

    I kind of like Pigasaurus Rex, but you know, maybe on a t-shirt or something, not tattooed on my flesh.

  17. To quote Leonard Pinth-Garnell, "That wasn't very good, was it?" These are always amazingly bad.

  18. maybe some of these folks should be placed in the museum of modern farts

  19. That rabbitt tat was Mr. McGregor from "Peter Rabbitt."

  20. i'm reconsidering getting inked...tampons?...dead rabbits?...egad, what are these people thinking...
    ...a tasteful little bass clef wouldn't be bad though...

  21. Truly the Tragic Ink of the World... What is wrong with people???

    I love tattoos but those people disgrace skin art.