Jan 16, 2012

Days gone by...

I am feeling a bit nostalgic today, as I found some old photos of my youth.

I really miss those carefree days of motoring about the estate, then enjoying a rousing game of croquette with the other lads.


  1. Yes indeed, dear chap. Myself, I once liked to rise early, sip on some fine black tea, then challenge whoever was in the vicinity to a rousing game of polo on my fine stallion, Cocky. Alas, poor Edward, a neighbourhood boy of some standing, had mistaken a flagon of dark ale for his own dark tea and to condense this article somewhat, let me just say that one falls rather hard from a horse when one's balance isn't top notch. That was the last time I partook. How I miss those days.

    Pass the Pimms Cup, dear.

  2. Alas, I passed my youth in the Tuberculosis ward.

  3. Why Doll Face, you were a cute lad. A lil on the sissy side but I am sure that is all your nannies fault.

    I imagine that the all boys school help make you into the upstanding young man you are today!

  4. Why, if I didn't know better, I would have suspected that to be C. Montgomery Burns and his beloved Bobo.

  5. that must be you lyin' in th' grass... and i bet you hollowed out th' ball so U could fill it with fine, single-malt...

  6. Pfft, croquet.

    It's just horseless polo!

    Fine set of wheels though.