Jan 12, 2012

Like Phoenix Rising from the Ashes!

A little while ago I heard some news of the greatest importance.

News that was greeted by swooning ladies.

News that caused grown men to break down and cry.

News that made the Dos Equis man suddenly declare himself to be the second most interesting person in the world.

There is word on the street that the one and only Katrocket might be coming back to blogging!!

I will pause for a moment while you collect yourselves, get out your inhalers, and change into a fresh adult diaper...

That's right, the one and only said that she might be dusting off the old electronic tablet and letting us know what is going on in the world.  And since she is the one who started writing Fire That Agency, I thought it might be good to dust that off, clean out the varmints from under the sink, and get a fresh posting up there. I mean, it has been since Sept of 2010, but who is counting...

So drop on over to Fire That Agency,  and I will let you see what craptastic ad that I just found.


  1. Holy craptastic ads, Sky Dad! That was ....

    ... uh ... um .... yeah

    ..... words fail me.

    Glad I popped over though. Life wouldn't be complete without viewing that particular marketing disaster!

  2. Anonymous7:05 PM

    ::gasp!!:: whhoah... hold on, I think I need to lie down for a lil' bit...

    Oh, and the word verification for this comment is "goutbut". I think that will be my new band's name...

  3. That was...awesome!

    And I think it's Brazil. Mountainous and lots of highrise buildings.

  4. I may never eat pizza again, actually. Holy sh!t.

  5. YAY KAT!

    OK going over there to FTA now. Better be good. Or....else.


    BLEEP. And...ouch!?

  7. They always put extra antlers on my boomerang pizza.