Jan 10, 2012

It's time for another Bat Tat Tuesday!

All of you fine readers out there that enjoy this series have kept me in stock with a lot of bad ink.  It's time to give credit where credit is due!

From my friend Shelleigh, I wish I was smart enough to understand what the hell this means.

This is amazing work, but who wants their entire back covered with the eye of sauron?

Found on the geeks are sexy website.  Why?

I put this one in the collection just because I absolutely love this ladies attitude!

From my friend Gail, the story behind this was that the tat artist/boyfriend found out his girl was cheating and instead of a scene from Narnia gave her this.  No word on whether or not the story is true.

A Facebook find

My friend Cindy that sent this one to me, I just love it!

Here come a bunch from my buddy Chad, who sent even more but there were some repeats from previous posts.  Well done Chad, and as he said, you will need some eye bleach...

I am going to save the series that my friend Debralee sent to me for next week, stay tuned!!


  1. shaking head.....again...and again.

    Okay, loved the old ladies thoughts!
    Pit hair is just ick any how you view it.
    And it just goes to show...you better really trust who has your back!

  2. OK..if someone is stupid enough to cheat on her tat artist boyfriend and have still have him do her tattoo then she deserves a pile of shit on her back!!! but that's just my opinion.. :)

  3. The Batmn/Robin art is well done. The subject matter is a whole 'nother issue. lol!

    And why would you get a tat that you can't see? It's just a bad tat moment waiting to happen.

  4. The elderly lady and her tats reminds me of my dad. He had a bunch of nice tattoos from his Navy days... classic stuff like a big eagle across his chest, a skull and snake on his arm, a sexy lady on his calf, etc. Over 70 years old, and wherever we went, complete strangers... teens/20yo's, male and female... would stop him and compliment his tats!!! (of course, he didn't have stupid regrettable stuff inked across his face or anything...)

  5. My theory is: these people were never allowed near the paints and crayons as kids, and still shouldn't be.

  6. I laughed at the troll. :) I mean as tats go that's the least offensive of this lot.

    The "pay retail" one made me spit out my drink. God, I hope for that guy's sake, it's Photoshopped.

  7. #11 was right. Real men do love unicorns

  8. That underarm troll is hilarious!!

  9. I don't know...Some of these tats do seem to get the bile rising in the back of my throat.


  11. Poor, poor Pikachu.