Sep 22, 2006

Best sister in the world

I had a call last night from my sister. It was my dads birthday, and he would have been 80 this year. So we were both a little down and were talking about things. After we hung up it got me to thinking about our growing up together and how cool she was to me.

It was funny, we never fought and always got along really well. People would ask me about that when conversations came up about not getting along with their siblings. I mean, isn't it a given fact that siblings fight? Well, not really in our case. My sister never gave me any grief in High School when I was one of those pukey freshman and she was a Junior, and I always tried hard not to be the little brother who embarrassed her.

Then all these years later, after our dad had passed away and mom was sick, she and her husband made the sacrifice of moving back in with her and taking care of her until she passed away. She has had her share of grief, and yet always thinks of others, and helps me in more ways than even she understands.

So thanks Sis, I don't know what I did to deserve you, but you are the best!


  1. Aw. I have a cool sis too, but she taught me how to ridicule people by making fun of me a lot in high school. A trait that I will always cherish. ;)

  2. She was just trying to make sure you grew up tough so you could play hockey!