Sep 15, 2006

Cop-killing case in jury's hands

From the Denver Post, Raul Gomez-Garcia went to the Salon Ocampo social hall on May 8, 2005, his single purpose was to shoot two Denver police officers in the back. Gomez-Garcia said he only wanted to embarrass the officers, he figured they were wearing vests. After getting booted from a baptismal party at Salon Ocampo social hall, he went home, thought about it, came back with a gun and fired 3 shots at Detective Donnie Young killing him, and his partner Detective Jack Bishop, was hit in the vest by one bullet and survived.

He does all of this because his friends "
kept making fun of me, and asking, 'What are you going to do?'"

This is so fucking amazing to me, I just can't believe it! This is his defense? I was made fun of, and I thought they had vests on?!?

I really hope this guy doesn't get the death penalty and has to do time in a cell with some dude named "bubba"...

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