Sep 4, 2006

How to kill an afternoon on-line

This is such an addictive game. It should be easy, but I keep messing up!
So, how well do you think you can park a car???

Test Drive


  1. I'm like Venus Fly Trap on WKRP In Cincinnati (that episode where his reactions got better with the consumption of alcohol) in that I can't parallel park to save my life, unless it's a crowded downtown street, in a very tight space, with cars lined up behind me blaring on their horns, and I've had a few glasses of alcohol - then I can do it with ease.

  2. Wow, a WKRP in Cincy referance!

    You rock even more than usual Kristi, and for those of you guys keeping track out there - Bailey was *way* hotter than Jennifer...

    Not that I noticed or anything