Sep 21, 2006

When they pry my cold, dead hands from my TiVo remote

Sorry, that will be my only NRA reference...

From AP via Comcast, now I hear that Fox is running a 30-second television spot with just one static image in an effort to reach viewers who fast forward through ads using digital video recorders like TiVos.

And this is supposed to prevent me from skipping commercials how?

The best part is later in the news item:
Advertisers also have begun experimenting. Earlier this year, KFC Corp. promised coupons at its restaurants to viewers who could identify a secret code only visible when its commercials were replayed in slow motion.

Suuurrreee, like a coupon to a crap place like KFC is enough of an incentive to get me to go SLOW MOTION through their lame commercials.

Check out the rest here if you like...

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