Jul 14, 2008

First do no harm

I saw this story on the news the other day. This is just amazing, Charles Gray had epileptic seizures that were somewhat controlled with medicine. Doctors weaned Gray off his epilepsy medications to intentionally induce seizures so they could better understand what was causing his medical problems, so they could map his brain and determine if there was a surgical alternative.

Gray was in University Hospital, checked into a monitoring area that was supposed to be watching him around the clock, because hey - they were trying to induce seizures!

Turns out he had one, while the person that was supposed to be monitoring him decided to go on break...

Now he is dead. The local CBS affiliate has the story here.

Skyler has been checked into Childrens hospital for overnight studies like that, and we never left his side. There is just too much to worry about.


  1. that's horrible. why don't they attach something to the patient so in case something like this happens a machine goes off as a warning?


  2. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Wow, that's kind of everyone's nightmare isn't it?

  3. Mountain Mom5:15 PM

    that's so f'd up. that poor guy's family. ::shaking head::

  4. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Oh Jeez!

  5. those poor people.......uuugghhh

  6. You can never be sure what goes on in a hospital.

    When I was laying on a gurney out in a hallway waiting to have my ankle surgery I was watching them prep the operating room thru the little window. The room wasn't ready so they parked me there for a minute and I saw two of the attendents in the room put on latex gloves and proceed to start touching the equipment and tools that they were soon going to be using to slice open my body. I started screaming and jumped off the gurney in my net cap and hospital gown, grabbed my chart and started pointing at the GIANT lettering that said LATEX ALLERGY in black marker.

    They don't pay attention. Bad things can happen.

  7. Dances with Broccoli had 2 seizures as a younger toddler, and if he had a 3rd the neurologist wanted him to do the stay-awake-for-24-hours-and-induce-a-seizure bit. We were reaaaaally unsure about that: it sounds too much like medieval science, like applying leeches or something. Now I know why it worried me.

    I understand that everyone needs a break, but for heavens sake, who was supposed to do the monitoring?! My god...

  8. Everyone: It really is just too much to believe.

  9. Geesh. I got nuttin' to say, except that really is tragic. Tragic and scary.

  10. That is heartbreaking