Jul 31, 2008

Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore

From my friend Tim, who finds the best stuff ever!


  1. I think Tim is secretly a perv, don't you? (I say this because I know he's a lurker.) Hee.

  2. This was great. It's good to hear John Prine.

  3. GKL: Not so much a perv, but there may be some serial killer lurking in there, al la Dexter! ;^)

    Bubs and Crab: Thanks!

  4. great scott, that was tasty!! I love the image of a man driving a car so covered with flag stickers that he drives into a tree...

    Poor sap. This was perfect for a Friday!!

  5. Beautiful! Just beautiful. I had to pause to wipe away a tear...

    The area of the country I live in is so conservative I actually got into an argument the other day with a guy who kept telling me Democrats couldn't own the American flag. "Only Americans can buy the flag," he kept saying. "But Democrats ARE Americans," I said. He looked at me, "No they ain't. We got BUSH in the White House. Damnocrats ain't American any more."