Feb 5, 2009

Christian Bale versus Bill O'Reilly

First of all, thank you everyone for your kind words about Hootie. You are all such great people!

Now, back to my weird self. I am sure everyone has heard by now of Christian Bales rant on the set of his movie. I found this great take on it, the premise is that Bale used to work as Bill O'Reilly's director...

Nice mash-up! Beware if at work, lot's of language here.

Christain Bale Vs. Bill O'Reilly - Watch more Free Videos


  1. My speakers aren't working again but I'd feel bad not commenting after that last post I wrote.

    So ... how you doin'?

  2. holy angry joker batman

  3. I think they both need to lay off the 'roids.

  4. That was just f-ing beautiful!!

  5. You have to hear the dance remix. It is the best thing ever.